Step 3: Leave It and LOVE IT!

Leave your piece with us and with the highest quality glazes and firing techniques, we will complete your work of art and have it back to you within a week!  Why a week?  Your piece is dried thoroughly overnight and then hand dipped or brush glazed.  After drying completely, it will be loaded into our kiln for firing.  For optimal efficiency, the kiln cannot be fired until full.  Once full and firing, your pottery piece must remain in the kiln for a minimum of 30 hours to complete the heating/cooling process.  

**The following statement ONLY pertains to pieces that are being brought in from other places to be painted at Arts A Blaze.  Pieces purchased at Arts A Blaze are all inclusive, meaning that the price on the bottom of the piece includes paint, glaze, firing and studio time.  

Do you already have a piece of bisque from elsewhere that you would like to paint at the studio?  We are happy to help!  $10.00 includes six solid color choices plus an additional $15.00 pays for studio time, glazing and firing for an average sized piece.  Larger pieces (Christmas trees, etc.) will be evaluated and priced by size.  


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Step 1: Choose a Piece

With over 500 pieces to choose from, we have the largest selection of bisque in the area with new and unique pieces arriving monthly!  As well as ordering popular pieces from a number of national suppliers, we own over 600 molds that we pour ourselves in a warehouse nearby.  Pouring these molds that we've acquired over the years, allows us to offer pieces that you won't find anywhere else!  Whether you're looking to add a piece of home décor (picture frames, vases, plaques, servers), a piece to your kitchen (tea pots, mugs, plates, platters, servers, bowls, etc.) or a bank or figurine, we have something for everyone!  

Step 2: Choose your paints and CREATE! 

We have over 70 colors to choose from (all included in the cost of your piece) and a variety of specialty paints (for a small upcharge).   Also included is the use of our brushes, tape, sponges, stamps,  stencils and silkscreens ($3) to create your masterpiece!

Glazing, firing and studio time are all included in the price on the bottom of the piece of pottery you choose. 

How It Works