Friday, October 11th - Paint a pumpkin for Halloween!  Painters will choose his/her own color palette: traditional orange and black, purple/black/green, or blue/black/green or pink/purple/black.  A pumpkin flavored snack is included.    $30.00 + tax

Kids Night Out is a fantastic way for kids ages 5 and up to spend time with friends, old and new, in a safe, fun, creative environment.  It's also a wonderful opportunity for parents to take a couple hours to explore Main Street or just relax at home knowing their kids are well taken care of, having fun and creating!

Please pre-register for these events.  We reserve the right to cancel (with full refund) if we have less than 4 kids registered.  

Friday, November 8th - Create a Thankful plate.  Kids will paint the plate a background color, put a turkey handprint on the plate, and name at least 5 things they are thankful for to write around the rim.  $30.00 plus tax

Select Friday evenings from 6:00 - 7:45

Friday, November 22nd - Paint this adorable snowman cookie mug!  We will decorate sugar cookies for a snack.    $30.00 plus tax

Friday, October 25th - Paint a canister for cookies, to use as a bank, store hair bands, small toys, etc.  This canister is multi-functional!  We will use tape, stickers, stencils, etc. to create an awesome, functional piece for your room!   Cookies will be served for snack.     $30.00 plus tax

Friday, September 27th - Pizza Party!  Each painter will create a pizza plate by building it from the crust up!  Kids may choose their favorite toppings to paint.    $30.00 plus tax.